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Humanity - Story Behind The Song

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Hi, Joel Weber here to tell you about my new single, Humanity! This song will be on an untitled album that I am hoping to release before the end of 2021 (fingers crossed). Click the link above to head to our Music page and give the song a listen if you haven't already, it really helps us out! Learn more about the lyrics and song meaning below:

The Music

For this tune I wanted the drums to be as in-your-face as possible to really drive home the minor tone of the song. Thus, huge snare and kick hits lead a somber and brooding acoustic guitar. Additionally, synthesizers add atmosphere and movement, along with adding a spicy '80s tinge! The climax of the song introduces a screaming electric guitar solo that overloads the song with unrelenting energy and emotion.

The Lyrics

I have copied the lyrics below so you can read them:

He's just a boy who turned the wrong degree

Just a plan with no humanity

He's on his way there is no remedy this time

She used her body to the wrong degree

Just an image on computer screens

No humanity in the way we use our time

We pick a song to sing out regularly

What we pick is based on history

And there's no melody in the way we use our time

I don’t know what to do

I’m running out of time

I’m lost without you, tell me what is mine

I think a lot about the dark turn our society has taken toward creating an exclusively online culture. It's almost cliche to talk about it at this point, but for all the benefits the internet gives us (and boy, are there many!), there's just as many disadvantages. When we exist exclusively online, we lose our humanity - we diminish the things that have made us human for thousands of years. We are also doomed to repeat our mistakes and fall into bad habits, probably part of the reason why we keep having to talk about this problem of internet's harm to our society!

Thanks for Listening!

I hope you enjoyed listening to my new track and reading this little blurb about it. I love playing and talking about music in general. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to play and talk about my own music.

With Gratitude,

Joel Weber

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