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Nothing is more fun than writing and recording your own music at home! Joel has been creating music at home for over half a decade now, and is always searching for musicians to collaborate with and produce for. If you are local to the Knoxville, Tennessee area and searching for ultra-affordable studio time to produce professional-sounding content, please contact us! We can produce singles, extended plays, commercials, radio spots, and more! Read on below to see and hear examples of work we have done. 

Public Radio Spots - The Wordplayers

In May and June of 2021, Joel produced two public radio spots for the Wordplayers, a company of Christian theatre artists based in Knoxville. We created two commercials for the local public radio station advertising their current events. This was important as they were coming out of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions and were excited to get back to live theatre! You can listen to them below. 

Knoxville Freedom Songs & StoriesThe Wordplayers
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The FantasticksThe Wordplayers
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